Police helicopter lands on Copacabana Beach and arrests two thieves !

RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) – An unusual scene attracted the attention of pedestrians at the Copacabana Beach, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro City, on the morning of  last Wednesday. A team of police officers, accompanied by an agent of Police Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) and another federal agent, flew over the site in two armored helicopters of the Air Service of the Civil Police (Saer) while returning from a training course on the Rio +20 Conference and saw a commotion on the sidewalk. Realizing that this was a robbery, they landed a helicopter in the sand and were able to stop the bandits.

Police said four robbers armed with knives robbed a group of nine Chinese tourists. Also according to the police, as the beach was empty, two shots were fired from a pistol. Two robbers were arrested, and a camera recovered from tourists. One of the prisoners is Thiago Nunes Bruno and the other is less than 15 years. Another two bandits escaped.

The agents arrested the suspects at the time of the Hotel Porto Bay. In a statement, the Civil Police said the helicopter came down on the beach, and that the agents made the approach and led the criminals to the Police Tourist Service (DEAT), where the the act has been registered.

“We were returning from training for the Rio +20 heliport in Lagoa when we realize that a group of tourists was surrounded by young people. We note that it was a robbery and, as the beach was empty, I landed in the sand. The team that was left on board to arrest the assailants”  Adonis Lopes de Oliveira, a helicopter pilot said.


Antony (South Paris): A young man died after an assault in a bus

TVM BusA man died in Antony (South Paris Area), on the night of Friday to Saturday, following a fight on a bus line TVM

The tragedy occurred on the night of Friday to Saturday near the station RER B La Croix de Berny, Antony (South Paris), there was almost nothing left yesterday morning. Only one placard left by the departmental service of judicial police in the shelter where the buses TVM (Trans Val-de-Marne), RATP towards Saint-Maur Créteil (Val-de-Marne) . At this point, a young man of 24 years succumbed to his injuries on Saturday to 0 h 30, after a violent brawl in a bus. The men of the PJ have plastered a sheet of paper with a phone number to the attention of potential witnesses.

According to preliminary investigation, it appears that a group of four young people are beaten, for some unknown reason, around 23 pm 30 inside one of the coaches TVM. “Four young boys, including the victim, who were in the bus exchanged blows, tells a source close to the case. An exchange of glances or words between the various actors could be the cause of the violence. During the scuffle, a bus window was smashed and a fire extinguisher was used by attackers to strike the victim. ”
Habibou Sow, 24, lives in Montreuil-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), left the bus a few minutes after the incident, accompanied by two friends. The boy, unknown to police, walked a few meters, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, before collapsing on the floor, his chest covered with blood. Despite the rapid intervention of emergency, died Habibou to 0 h 30. “The victim had a wound in the back of the skull, said Stephen Pelliccia, Deputy Regional Secretary UNSA police union. It was also wounded in the neck with what could be likened to a punch. There was this bus a rampage, incomprehensible and uncontrollable, which resulted in the death of this young man of 24 years. ”

The two friends of the victim were heard by investigators of the PJ in the Hauts-de-Seine. “This bus is regularly used by young people who want to go to the disco Metropolis, Rungis (Val-de-Marne), recounts a close case. The perpetrator or perpetrators of violence resulting in the death of the victim have not been identified. “The evocation of drama surprises users met early yesterday afternoon.
“I’ve never witnessed physical assaults on the bus, shows a lady in waiting for a next start of TVM. However, I have long taken the line every day. Over the past year, I use it only on weekends, but it did not seem to have changed. “The incidents seem rather to locate in the neighboring department of Val de Marne, Thiais in particular. “I’ve attended a few exchanges of insults with young people assembled at Belle Thorn or people who annoyed others by putting the music too loud,” says Barnett, but it never went further. ”
TVM was not bad reputation for safety. “This is not really a rough line,” confirmed a machinist. To follow the trail of the suspects, the police will now use the recordings from CCTV cameras installed on RATP buses.

Rio violence escalating, 23 dead

At least 23 people have been killed and 153 arrested in four days of clashes as Brazilian security forces crack down on drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro’s violent slums.

Heavily-armed men continued to stop cars and buses, rob passengers and set vehicles on fire, police said.

Military police said 15 suspected gang members died in shootouts with officers on Thursday.

Since the weekend, at least 23 people have died in clashes and two policemen have been wounded.

Gang-related violence has plagued Rio for decades, but is mostly centered on the city’s slums, known as favelas. But now it’s spilling onto the wealthier parts of town as drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations aimed at pacifying the slums.

“This is a desperate attempt to weaken our security efforts,” said Sergio Cabral, governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

“What they want is to create panic, for society to retreat, but we will not retreat.”

The escalating violence casts more doubt on the ability of Rio authorities to get a grip on security ahead of its hosting of two of the planet’s largest sporting events, the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics two years later.

“There are groups of criminals who have been installed here for 20, 30 years, and they might not want to give up,” said Rio state public safety director Jose Beltrame.

“But we’re not giving up either. If they keep this up, we will redouble our efforts. Anyone who gets in our path will be run over.”

The police have been heavily reinforced by the Brazilian government as more than 1,000 officers were removed from desk jobs to join the operations and 300 extra motorcycle police were on patrol making up a total of 17,500 officers to fight drug gangs.



French strikes hit airlines, trucking, gas pumps

How are the foreign journalist  showing the “civil war”  in France ?

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Gunmen took tourists hostage in Rio de Janeiro hotel and also in Manila

Rio de Janeiro / Manila

August 24th 2010

Gunmen took tourists as hostage in Rio de Janeiro Hotel while trying to escape from chasing policemen.

The incident took place when 60 drug gangs member were intercepted by the police while they were returning from a party early Sunday morning. Police started to chase these gangster. To save themselves 10 gangster went inside the InterContinental hotel and took 35 tourists as hostage.

What followed was 3 hour long gunfire battle between the police and the gangsters which ended with 1 female gang member dead and 4 police officers injured. All the hostages were released unharmed.

It was the second tourists hostage situation earlier, an ex-policemen in Manila, Philippines took 25 tourists hostage and demanded to be reinstated in the police force. Negotiations and later police attack killed the hijacker but not before he killed 10 tourists. All tourists were from Hong Kong.

This Hotel hijacking incident has raised questions over the security in Rio de Janeiro considering that since is going to host next Soccer World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Crime in the city in increasing by the day which creates security issues for the foreign tourists.

Police killing sparks French riots – Europe – Al Jazeera English

Police killing sparks French riots – Europe – Al Jazeera English.


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