An Iranian Autumn

My dear friends and relatives,

As you perhaps already know, I traveled several times in IRAN. It is a really nice and very interesting country. Unfortunately, I dont have quality pictures to post here (I just have some photos taken with a low resolution camera).

Searching for creative commons photos on Flickr, I came across a series of photos of an Iranian photographer, I liked a lot . These are simple images, colorful, almost too hard. Ordinary objects, a cup of tea in blue and white porcelain, a crate of fruit in an orchard during apple harvest, a tray with a grenade, a garden chair green plastic,  a lace curtain, which overlooks a garden bronze.

There is no one on these pictures,  just a presence implied, tea is hot in the cup, the window has been opened.

(All photos in this article are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution), by Seyed Mostafa Zamani


I’m Michel A., a french man from Antony (South Paris), France

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