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Floods and Deluge in Manila, Philippines

Deluge and downpour nonstop for 72 hours in NCR


Castle of Chantilly under snow

An unseasonal cold snap has surprised French authorities, which were scrambling to clear roads and pavements. On Thursday evening, 32 French departments in northern and central France were on orange alert, which means dangerous weather conditions are expected and drivers should be very careful.

The freezing weather has claimed 28 lives across central Europe this week, including 18 deaths, mostly of homeless men, since Tuesday in Poland, where temperatures plunged to minus 33 degrees Celsius.

Hereafter some pictures that I just took this afternoon showing the CASTLE OF CHANTILLY under snow.

Click here or on the picture bellow to see the album:

Snow in Brazil


It is snowing in the south of Brazil, which is reported to be the heaviest one over the past 10 years.

Air temperature is 4 degrees below zero in some regions.

The frost came to Brazil from Antarctica. It is a rare phenomenon for the south of Brazil. This snow is so heavy that people even make a snowman. Traffic Police warns drivers against icy roads.

According to the meteorological service weather forecast, the snow will continue in the coming days.

via Snow in Brazil – – Hot news from Armenia.

An Iranian Autumn

My dear friends and relatives,

As you perhaps already know, I traveled several times in IRAN. It is a really nice and very interesting country. Unfortunately, I dont have quality pictures to post here (I just have some photos taken with a low resolution camera).

Searching for creative commons photos on Flickr, I came across a series of photos of an Iranian photographer, I liked a lot . These are simple images, colorful, almost too hard. Ordinary objects, a cup of tea in blue and white porcelain, a crate of fruit in an orchard during apple harvest, a tray with a grenade, a garden chair green plastic,  a lace curtain, which overlooks a garden bronze.

There is no one on these pictures,  just a presence implied, tea is hot in the cup, the window has been opened.

(All photos in this article are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution), by Seyed Mostafa Zamani

A thought for the victims of typhoon ‘Basyang’ that leaves 20 dead, 57 missing | The Philippine Star News Headlines

‘Basyang’ leaves 20 dead, 57 missing | The Philippine Star News Headlines.

Summer arrives in France with high temperatures in the morning

Wow, the weekend looks hot and it will be suitable for barbecues and walks in cool corners.

Here the temperature displayed in the late morning:


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